About - GymnasticMoments

My name is Tamas Robert Morvai main photographer of GymnasticMoments. We found GymnasticMoments 3 years ago with some kind gymnasts when I tried to separate the RG based pictures from my regular model photoshootings. I was involved to the competition photography of rhythmic gymnastics 5 years ago by a Hungarian association ESMTK (thanks to them for tolerate that really bad pictures compared today). I'm still trying to learn how should look like a really good competition image ;) Fortunately, the associations, coaches, gymnasts and parents are always nice, thank them for the opportunity.

I don't go to every competition and join some other competitions just a short time, of yourse if I'm the hired photographer of a competition, then I'll take pitures of everey routines. We have ex-gymnast editors, so we can set up a local sales point to a competition, but more common I'm going alone or with a videographer. There is a type of competition (mostly FIG ones) where I'm doing only editorial work so pictures of that competitions not for sale.

An average 80-100 pictures taken per routine and more from team, so 10.000 pictures per day is common - the strongest competition result was 23.272 pictures. For comparison in model photography the total is 400 pictures for 2 hours).

Beside of rhythmic gymnastics I'm interested in fitness, vertical fitness, dance and circus events. As a photographer is always interesting for me when sport meets art.

Thanks to everyone!